U.S. steel imports have surged roughly 48% in July – according to the latest report from the American Iron and Steel Institute (“AISI”), an association of North American steel makers.

Per the AISI, total domestic steel imports shot up 48.3% from June to around 3.03 million net tons in July. Finished steel imports also went up 6.6% to 1.84 million net tons. These figures are based on final U.S. Census Bureau data, the AISI noted.

The biggest offshore suppliers for July were South Korea with 180,000 net tons (up 10% from June), Japan with 87,000 net tons (down 23%), Taiwan with 83,000 net tons (down 3%), Brazil with 80,000 net tons (up 423%) and Germany with 75,000 net tons (down 24%).

Source: AISI