Metal Fabrication in Northeast Ohio

What is metal forming? Metal forming is defined as “the practice of deformation of flat sheet metal.” It involves many different processes, equipment, and practices using metals of various dimensions and properties. This is what ForMasters does best, using our experience and high-end presses we can take sheet metal and form anything into complex, geometric parts. If you need metal fabrication in Northeast Ohio, we have you covered.

In metal-fabrication, a coil of metal is deformed between tooling such as rollers and/or dies. As the material is formed into a final piece there are complex mechanisms at work that can affect the integrity of the product. Our machines allow for various pressures to be applied at the appropriate points across the width of the product to deal with faults along the metal forming process.

ForMasters engineers take into consideration the variables that will have an effect on the parts being produced, such as the heat that is created,  the stress and friction of the tooling on that is placed on the sheet metal. We calculate the deformation and the flow of material that is will occur on the parts during the metal forming process and we have a stringent quality control inspection program.

Metal fabrication: Divided into five categories

• Primary Metal Shaping.
• Material Forming.
• Material Dividing.
• Joining Materials.
• Modifying Material Properties.
• Coating Materials.

Practical Methods in Metal Fabrication

• Cost of Material, Energy, and Labor During Metal Forming.
• Reduced Scrape Rate.
• Reduced Die Strokes and Roll Passes.
• An Effective CAD/CAM Process.

ForMasters has been a leader in the metal roll-formed industry, producing parts and reducing scrape to every customer we work with, our expertise is in designing dies and rollers that make complex parts in the Cleveland Ohio and Midwest area unavailable elsewhere. If you need metal fabrication in Northeast Ohio, our experts are only a phone call away.

ForMasters Metal Forming Offers:

• Moldings
• Channels
• Angles
• Custom Shapes

We offer Metal Forming Secondary Operations, Such As:

• Secondary bends
• Painting and powder coating
• Secondary punching
• Welding
• Plating

Metal Forming
Metal Forming
Metal Forming