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Roll forming operations have long been a firmly established facet of ForMasters' business, and, as with other facets of our operations, ForMasters has embraced innovative roll formed technologies and design and build for a wide variety of roll forming shapes, from simple to complex.

Roll Forming is Often an Option for Producing Parts When:

• Uniform shape over long pieces, a roll former is required.
• Close tolerances over long pieces must be maintained.
• Strength must be added to function.
• Cosmetic appearance is taken into account when roll forming steel and other metals.
• Roll forming produces parts free of the die or press marks, thus reducing further processing, time, and expense.
• High-speed production using roll forming for large orders reduces the cost per part compared to other processes.

Pre-Punched Roll Form Parts

ForMasters specializes in complete in-line processing. The material to be formed runs through a process wherein intricate cutouts or many holes with irregular patterns may be pre-punched with computerized accuracy. From there the material proceeds directly to the roll former, where, through a series of rolls, it is brought progressively to its final shape. The roll form shaped material is then cut off to precise lengths--again with computer accuracy--thus eliminating in many cases the need for secondary operations. In addition, pre-punching allows for cutouts that may be impossible to achieve after the shape has been formed.

ForMasters has been at the head of the industry in pre-punching roll formed parts and can thus offer expertise in this area unavailable elsewhere.

ForMasters Roll Forming Offers:

• Moldings
• Channels
• Angles
• Custom shapes

Secondary Operations, Such As:

• Secondary bends
• Painting and powder coating
• Secondary punching
• Welding
• Plating

Roll Forming Formasters Corporation
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